We Asked AI to Create Images of the Main Characters from Andrew Unger’s Novel Once Removed

Andrew Unger’s award-winning novel Once Removed is set in the small Mennonite town of Edenfeld, Manitoba, a place filled with quirky characters. We asked AI to create images of the main characters from the novel. Let’s see what it came up with. Is this how you envisioned your favourite characters from Once Removed?

Timothy Heppner, local ghostwriter and employee of the Edenfeld Parks and “Wreck” department. Married to Katie.


Katie Brandt-Heppner, currently finishing her Master’s degree in philosophy. Married to Timothy.


Randall Hiebert. Timothy’s friend and fellow ghostwriter. Brews awful-tasting beer in his garage. Longs to leave for the big city.


B.L.T. Wiens, the longtime mayor of Edenfeld. Desperately wants to destroy all the historic buildings to make way for a megamart.


Brenda from Loans – an active member of the Edenfeld Preservation Society, Brenda works at the local credit union.


Mrs. Friesen – a member of the local Preservation Society, Mrs. Friesen is a constant thorn in the side of BLT Wiens and his efforts to destroy Edenfeld.


Dietrich F. Harder, one of Timothy’s ghostwriting clients. He’s working on a series of family history books. It’s hard work, but he’s always willing to work harder.


City Sheila – she’s from the big city, is definitely not a Mennonite, and sells makeup out of the trunk of her car.


The infamous Elsie Dyck. Edenfeld’s most famous writer, who hasn’t been seen in town in years after she wrote a book that cast the town in a negative light.


Once Removed is available at the predictable major online retailers, but if you can purchase it from your local independent bookstore that would be great! For instance, it’s available at McNally Robinson in Winnipeg and Saskatoon, to name just one store. If it’s not in stock, ask to order it at your local bookstore. 

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