Mennonites Excited as NHL Rescinds Ban on Noah’s Ark Tape


After going back and forth on the issue, the NHL has decided it will allow players to use Noah’s ark tape after all.

“Oba jo, finally some biblical tape for us Mennonites,” said hockey fan Dave Toews. “This is exactly the same rainbow from the cover of the Sunday school curriculum. Except without the elephants and all that.”

The tape is already a big hit in the church floor hockey league.

“The regular black tape was a bit dour, you know,” said Toews. “It’s time us Mennonites showed a little colour.”

Toews plans to use the new Noah’s Ark tape for more than just decorating hockey sticks, however.

“I’ve got plans for this tape, let me tell you,” said Toews. “The nursery at church will never be the same after I’m done with it.”

(photo credit: Cmasisak22/wikicommons)

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