Unsure if New Church Friend’s a Teetotaler, Mennonite Woman Invites Her for ‘Coffee’


Miss Liz Bergen, 29, had initially thought of asking her new friend Ashley from church to meet her at Sawney Bean’s pub for a pint of Guinness, but decided to play it safe this time and invite her to go for coffee instead.

“It’s always a risk when you meet someone at church,” said Liz. “Are they or aren’t they? It’s sometimes hard to tell.”

Liz and Ashley met in the lobby at church and immediately hit it off as they’re both fans of the TV show The Bachelor.

“I mean that’s a pretty good sign isn’t it?” said Liz. “But, you can never be too sure. I didn’t want to offend her.”

Liz said she’s been burned before when offering alcohol too soon and didn’t want to make that mistake twice.

“I had a really bad experience at a church small group wind-up party one time,” said Liz. “I hauled out the Smirnoff Ice bottles and everyone acted all shocked and offended and just drank tap water and diet President’s Choice cola. They even gathered around to lay hands on me. It was very embarrassing.”

Liz and Ashley plan to have coffee together for at least six months before one of them takes a risk and suggests a glass of Riesling.

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