Mennonite Woman’s Thumbs Got a Great Workout at the Gym Today


Local woman Erin Friesen, 34, gave her thumbs quite the workout at the gym today. Friesen estimates she sent more than a hundred texts today and burned between 3 and 4 calories.

“Dang it feels good to get a good workout in,” said Friesen. “Usually I’m exhausted after twenty minutes, but today I could have worked out all day!”

Friesen made sure to spend the entire time sitting at the chest-fly machine without actually using it.

“It’s the best place to sit and text at the gym,” said Friesen. “Yesterday I sat and checked my emails on the leg press machine, but it just wasn’t the same.”

Friesen considers herself a “real gym rat” and claims to have some of the fittest thumbs in town.

“I see people in here all the time grunting and sweating and where are the results?” pondered Friesen. “Ain’t nobody got thumbs like these things!”

Friesen also plans to get a membership at the local yoga studio, which she claims is a great place to sit on a mat and read The Daily Bonnet.

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