Tings Oncle Johan is Tankful For This Year


Today is the Tanksgiving and the Pradja axed us to tink of all the tings what we’re tankful for. At first, I tought, oba, nay, it’s yust too difficult, but dan I was malking the cows and I comed up with many things yet. Here them are:

  • Zoat. Without it, my life would have yust no meaning at all.
  • I am zaya tankful for my Fru Aggie who makes for me yust the bast summaborscht a Mennonite boy could aver ask for. Aggie still uses the same recipe our Grandma Klassen made for us when we were yust shildrens.
  • My fields had not so many rocks this year. Avery year rocks and more rocks, but this year, not so many like since 1961.
  • Now dat I tink of it, I’m also tankful for my jackass Knels. He keeps the foxes away. I’ve always liked jackasses. Aggie likes ponies, but for me jackasses are nicer.
  • South Blumenort has the yust the best Trajchtmoaka so for dat, too, I zaya tankful. He knips and knacks like no one this side of Schanzenfeld.
  • Rhubarb – for platz or for eating normal. I yust like rhubarb any way you do to it.
  • Well, I should say I’m tankful for living in Canada. Russland was good for a while, but dan came Makhno. Paraguay is too hot but some cousins say it’s not bad down there, but Canada is a good country so I tink.
  • Papsi. If they gives to me Coke, I say to them, “Nay, oba, nay, yust Papsi I drink” then they bring to me a Papsi. And when they bring to me a Papsi I am so tankful for it.
  • Well, I’m sure there are more tings to be tankful for. Do you have any ideas yet? What are you tankful for?
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