Timothéeee Chalamet Adds a Couple Extra E’s


Dune star Timothéeee Chalamet has just broken the record for more successive E’s in a name after having his name legally changed from Timothée to Timothéeee earlier this week.

“I looked at my name up there on the marquee and thought, ‘You know, Tim, what my name really needs is a few more E’s,” said Chalamet from his Malibu mansion. “At first I thought I’d add just one more, but then I figured I’d go all out. Gotta treat yourself sometimes, you know?”

Timothéeee is hoping the additional E’s will land him an Oscar nod this year.

“Or at least a Golden Globe,” said Timothéeee. “Hollywood loves a good superfluous vowel.”

Timothéeee is excited about the slight name change and is hoping people will finally get the pronunciation correct.

“People are still going to have trouble with it,” admits Timothéeee, “but, hey, at least my name isn’t Saoirse Ronan, amirite?”

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