Man With Obscure Mennonite Surname Feeling Totally Left Out


Local man Henry Mierau is sick and tired of all the attention given to “mainstream” Mennos like the Reimers and Penners and is demanding that the Mieraus be given their space on the pages of the Daily Bonnet.

Oba nay! I can shout a good ‘Diewel!’ or ‘Dietschlaund‘ as well as any Friesen or Dueck,” said Mierau. “It’s time those Daily Bonneters realize that there’s a lot more to Russian Mennonites than what you find on the street names of Steinbach, Manitoba!”

Mierau claims that the average Plett or Thiessen doesn’t even realize he’s a Mennonite until he starts speaking Plautdietsch.

“My grandmother’s vereniki are every bit as good as anything that Mrs. Kehler can come up with!” says Mierau. “It’s time us Mieraus got what’s coming to us!”

Mierau has started a committee for the recognition of uncommon Mennonite surnames. It already has over 100 members of the Jost, Kampen, Pries, Quiring and Sukkau families.

“Obscure Mennonites of the world, unite!” yelled Mierau, to a crowd at the local MB church basemen.

Mierau said he had to pay $200 to rent the basement for his meeting, since no one believed with his surname that he was actually a church member.

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