Concerning New Mennonite Workplace Trend: Quiet Quilting


It’s called “Quiet Quilting” and it’s a concerning new workplace trend, as increasing numbers of Mennonites in offices and shops across the country are discreetly stitching away at their quilts during the workday.

“I know it’s happening. I haven’t caught anyone, yet, but I’ve seen evidence of quilting,” said Mr. Funk, who manages a marketing agency in Niagara-on-the-Lake. “They can be really sneaky about it, hiding spools of thread, quickly tucking a patch or two in their desks when the boss walks by …”

Quiet Quilting is thought to cost employers upwards of $8 billion a year in lost revenue, but few have figured out what to do about it.

“They don’t let us check their bags for thimbles like we used to,” said Funk. “And these days, the quilters can be really really quiet about it. They’re talented; I’ll give them credit for that.”

One Quiet Quilter is Kimberly Wiens, who asked us to change her name to protect her identity.

“To be honest, I’ve been quietly quilting for years now,” said Wiens. “How else do you think the New Hamburg Relief Sale gets all their quilts? It’s quiet quilters like me who make all the difference.”

Wiens says it’s really not a big deal since she just does all her office work by ChatGPT now anyway.

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