Sports Team Sports Their Way to Sportsing Thinger


The Sporters of Sportstown have sportsed their way to the 2022 Sporters Sportinginton Gold Sportsing Cup.

“That was some fabulous sportsing by the Cincinatti Sportsers,” said top sportsing sporters Mr. Van Sportslich. “They outsportsed the Los Angelses Sportsers by a score of ten sports thingers to one. Impressive!”

The sportsing world has been upended by the recent pandemic, causing sportsers to have to sports in front of empty sportsing fields.

“Sportsing fans are really craving live sportsing,” said Van Sportslich. “It’s nice to see thousands of sportsing fans watching sportsing together. It brings a tear to my sportsing eye.”

The sporting guy among your Facebook friends has been posting sportsing related posts non-stop for the past few weeks despite the fact that no one really cares about anything but Wordle these days.

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