Anti-Fracking Protestors Shut Down Schmaunt Fat Production


Dozens of angry protestors showed up to La Crete City Hall this past week to protest the fracking of schmaunt fat.

“Fracking is an unsafe method of schmaunt fat extraction,” said Billy Wiebe. “It causes earthquakes and allows schmaunt fat to seep into our drinking water.”

Schmaunt fat has traditionally been extracted using wells or open mining, but some schmaunt fat producers have resorted to fracking to access underground schmaunt fat reserves.

“We call on the Alberta government to immediately ban fracking of schmaunt fat,” said Wiebe. “Just say ‘No’.”

Proponents of fracking claim it’s perfectly safe and is the only way to get the much needed schmaunt fat.

“Besides who would really complain if you got a little schmaunt fat in your drinking water,” said businessman Arnie Fast.

(photo credit: by greensefa/CC)

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