Schekjbenjel Retires After 40 Years of Service


Celebrated across the southeast for his impeccable schekjbenjeling, Klaas B. Kehler, of Altona, is set to retire later this month after a four-decade long career. Kehler was renowned for his ability to go back to the truck and get the nail gun, and also to hold the ladder while Helmut Guenther went up on the roof.

“It’s been a good long run,” said Kehler. “I’ve gone and gotten stuff for more competent workers for decades, and now it’ll be nice to take a break for once.”

During his career, Kehler worked for Guenther Construction, Herman’s Electrical, and briefly in the 1980s at an auto mechanics shop in Plum Coulee where he held and got stuff for Abram Peters.

“He was an excellent getter of stuff,” explained Peters. “He didn’t work for me for very long before he moved up in the world as schekjbenjel for a local construction crew. I mean, I don’t blame him. Given the chance, I’d fetch a Robertson screwdriver from the red toolbox for Helmut Guenther anytime.”

Kehler said he plans to spend most of his time with his grandchildren now that he’s retired.

“I plan to go around and ask them whether they’re ‘working hard or hardly working,'” said Kehler with a chuckle. “Then I’ll send them to the truck for the wood stretcher.”

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