Mennonite Woman Takes Three Hours to Type One Text Message


Breanne Toews, 17, had to wait a full three hours to receive a reply to the simple text message she sent her grandmother this week. Breanne had asked her grandmother whether she should bring anything for faspa this week, but the delayed reply caused some concern.

“I waited five minutes, then ten minutes. I couldn’t figure out what was happening,” said Breanne. “All I wanted to know was whether she had enough raisin buns, but I got nothing, just nothing.”

Mrs. Toews, 78, was attempting to reply to her granddaughter by picking out each individual letter one-by-one. She also had trouble navigating between the upper and lowercase letters and between the numbers and letters and altogether it took her nearly three hours to type: “No, it’s okay, dear. We have everything we need.”

“Before I could send the message, however, the nurses were urgently knocking at my door,” explained Mrs. Toews. “Apparently Breanne was very worried about me.”

Friends and family have recommended that Mrs. Toews try out the new voice-to-text option, but so far she hasn’t tried since it doesn’t work very well with Plautdietsch.

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