Schekjbenjel to Marry Malkmäakjskhe


Mr. Peter and Aganetha Krahn of Swift Current Colony, Mexico are pleased to announce the engagement of their 18-year-old Malkmäakjskhe Susan to local Schekjbenjel Harry Wall of nearby Manitoba Colony. The wedding is to be held sometime after Christmas at the Krahn family farm.

“All my daughters marry Schekjbenjels yet,” said Mrs. Krahn. “Helen, Rose, Ruth, Irma, Sarah, Rebecca, Anne, Mary, Esther, Edna, and now, finally, our youngest, Susan!”

Being the only Malkmäakjskhe left in the family, there were many interested Schekjbenjels pursuing Susan.

“I could take my pick of all the Schekjbenjels in the entire colony,” said Susan. “But it was on one hot day this summer when Harry took his shirt off, and the sweat was just dripping down his chest and pooling in his cowboy boots yet, that he really won my heart.”

Despite her eagerness to be lawfully wedded to Harry Wall, Susan Krahn is not willing to set aside her Malkmäakjskhe duties.

“It’s not an easy life being a Malkmäakjskhe,” said Susan. “Most people can’t even pronounce the word, let alone do it day in and day out, but even after my wedding to Harry the Schekjbenjel I plan to be the best darn Malkmäakjskhe the Swift Current Colony has ever seen!”

The vows will be made in the Krahn barn, with hundreds of family members and several cows in attendance.

“When a Schekjbenjel marries a Malkmäakjskhe the whole community turns out to show their support,” said Mrs. Krahn. “After all, we were all Schekjbenjels and Malkmäakjskhes once ourselves.”

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