Mennonite Man Spends All Day at Hardware Store Trying to Find the Wood Stretcher


Abe Epp, Rosthern’s most respected schekjbenjel, spend more than 8 hours at the Home Depot there in Saskatoon trying to find the wood stretcher.

“Diewel, I tried the lumber department and nothing. Then I tried plumbing and electrical, still nothing,” said Epp. “I’m not sure if I can report back to the job site without that wood stretcher!”

After more than 7 hours looking up and down every single aisle, Epp finally mustered the courage to go ask at the counter.

“Oh, you want aisle 606,” said a particularly helpful employee. “I can take you over there if you’d like.”

Epp declined the offer, believing he’d have no trouble finding the wood stretcher aisle. However, after another hour or two, Epp discovered there was no aisle 606 either.

“So I went back to the job site with my tail between my legs,” said Epp. “They thought it was hilarious. Well, I guess the jokes on them. They still had to pay me all day.”

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