Mennonite Church Accidentally Sings Hymn 666


A small town Mennonite church caused quite the uproar this past Sunday when the worship leader accidentally told parishioners to “turn in their hymnals to number 666.”

Waut de shissjat is this yet?” whispered Mrs. Schroeder to her friends in the women’s section. “Hymn 666? I don’t think it even gives such!”

Despite some rumblings in the crowd, the worship leader insisted they proceed and the congregants all scrambled to find this mysterious hymn.

“Well, this’ll be a first,” said Mr. Wiebe. “Normally, we don’t never sing anything above 665.”

The error was immediately blamed on members of the youth group who allegedly made the modification to the church bulletin just before it was sent to the photocopier.

“Oba, you see, this is why you don’t let the young people even into the building,” said Mr. Wiebe. “Church is for mature folks like us.”

Instead of “Praise God from Whom All Blessing Flow” the words and tune to Hymn 666, which were also penned into all the hymnals by the aforementioned prankster seemed eerily similar to Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven.”

“I can’t believe I got Grandma to sing Zeppelin,” said the prankster, who wished to remain anonymous, “Next week I’m going to try to slip in some AC/DC.”

The worship leader vowed to keep a “much closer eye” on the church bulletin from now on, although he says he quite enjoyed Hymn 666 and figures they might add it to the rotation.

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