Mennonite Woman Friends Every Single Friesen, Reimer, and Plett on Facebook


Diane Thiessen, 31, was just taking a jog around the Landmark Feeds building this weekend, when she decided to stop and friend request just a few more Friesen, Reimers, and Pletts.

“I couldn’t believe it!” said Thiessen, scrolling through her feed. “I’ve completely run out of options. Looks like I’ll have to move on to Martenses and Epps.”

For the past twelves years, Thiessen has been friend requesting anyone with even the remotest connection to her, the result being a collection of more than 20,000 Pletts, 13,000 Friesens and almost just as many Reimers.

“If I see that I have some friends in common, I send a request,” said Thiessen. “People rarely ever turn me down…at least not until I pitch them my latest MLM product.”

Despite the incredible numbers, Thiessen said she has a deep personal connection with all her Facebook friends.

“Most of these people are no further removed than second cousins anyway,” said Thiessen. “Plus a lot of them are in my cell group at church.”

Once she’s exhausted all the Martenses and Epps, Thiessen plans to move on to Toewses and Broeskys, but is saving Ungers for last, for obvious reasons.

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