Romantic Gesture Turns into Quite the Quandary for Mennonite Woman


All Mr. Wiens was trying to do was bring a little romance into the relationship by purchasing a package of Love Hearts for his wife Doris.

“Little did I know they contained just scandalous messages,” said Mr. Wiens. “True Love. Kiss Me. And worse of all: Let’s Dance. Oba, nay!”

Unlike all other Mennonites, Mr. and Mrs. Wiens don’t even dance when no one else is looking.

“We behave at home exactly like we do in public,” said Mr. Wiens. “Keep a Bible’s width apart and never touch each other. It’s a wonder we had any children. I don’t know how that happened.”

Mrs. Wiens quickly scarfed down the Let’s Dance candy in hopes that it would magically transform her husband Kjnels into a dancer after all.

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