Mennonite Man Finally Escapes Snow Maze After Spring Melt


Art Broesky, 58, of Niverville decided to visit “that big snow maze they’ve got up there in St. Adolphe” as soon as it opened this winter. Well, after six weeks trying to find his way out, Mr. Broesky has finally emerged from the maze.

“Praise the Lord that the temperatures have risen above zero, otherwise I’d still be in that maze,” said Mr. Broesky. “I think my Annie was a little worried that I missed faspa, but I told her not to wait for me, and that I’d figure this thing out. Us Mennonites are stubborn like that.”

Despite repeated efforts over the winter to give Mr. Broesky some assistance, he refused to take anyone’s navigational advice.

“A Mennonite man does not ask for directions,” said Broesky. “I don’t need directions on the highway and I certainly don’t need them in the world’s largest snow maze!”

Over the past few weeks, Broesky had been surviving on melted snow and cheese curds dropped from drones by his grandkids.

“I was doing perfectly fine. Sure I missed church and a few Jets games, but it was worth it to solve this maze myself,” said Broesky. “I can safely safe I have emerged from this maze a changed man!”

Mr. Broesky plans to dedicate the rest of his life to solving the maze that is his relationship with his wife Annie.

(photo credit: Stephanie Young Merzel/CC)

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