Rainy Day Equals Free Car Wash for Mennonite Man


As soon as the skies started to get dark this afternoon, Peter Bueckert, 41, of Rosthern was quick to get his ’92 Ford Escort outside into the rain.

“Free car wash!” yelled Bueckert to his buddies, giving each one a hearty high five. “Quick, Jakob, Johan, get your cars out there, too! Otherwise you’ll have to pay Esso car wash prices!”

Bueckert was hoping for a particularly heavy downpour as his car was really filthy.

“Been down a lot of gravel roads lately,” said Bueckert. “Plus there was all that off-roading I did with the Heppner boys. But that’s nothing a good Saskatchewan shower can’t fix.”

Things are so bad with the Escort, though, that Bueckert is actually hoping for a bit of hail.

“Hey, if I get a free car wash that’s fantastic,” said Bueckert, “but a total write-off would just be icing on the cake.”

Embarrassed at speaking so thoughtlessly, Bueckert quickly corrected himself, noting that what he actually meant to say was that it would be “icing on the paska.”

(photo credit: Matty Farah/CC)

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