Pets that Look Like Mennonites

Daily Bonnet reader and Andrew’s frintschoft Lauren Unger (she’s both a first cousin AND a second cousin; don’t ask…) decided to dress up her cute Corgi/Golden Retriever George this winter. It just so happened that he looked rather Mennonite in his get-up. George inspired me to find other pets that look like Mennonites. Here are a few selections.

 “Oba, where is my owner yet?”


 “Off to church in my Sunday best!”


 “I’m only wearing this ’cause my Oma knitted it…”


 “Does this mean I have to sit in the women’s section?”


 “Diewel, it looks cold out there!”


 A rare photo from the Old Country.


(photo credits: Lauren Unger, Travis Johnson, ChainMaille Lady Anderson, aaron_anderer/CC)

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