Winnipeger Super Jealous of All the Attention Brandon’s Been Getting Lately


One resident of Manitoba’s largest city is sick and tired of all the support arch-rival Brandon’s been getting as of late.

“Everyone’s all ‘Let’s go Brandon, let’s go!” explained hurt U of W student Dieter Fehr. “Even the Americans are getting in on it. It makes no sense at all!”

Fehr says he simply does not understand why the Westman city of 50,000 people is getting all this attention, while the provincial capital is barely even mentioned.

“I mean, we’ve got Neil Young and the Crash Test Dummies,” said Fehr. “Who does Brandon have besides Turk Broda?”

Fehr says he’s especially perturbed about the whole thing since the Bobcats are not even doing that well this year.

“I can’t figure it out,” said Fehr. “But I guess it’s not all bad. At least they’re not yelling ‘Let’s Go Winkler.'”

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