Mexican Mennonite Woman Invites Friends Over for the Wrong Kind of Disco


Mrs. Epp invited her friends over after church this week for what she thought would be a socially-distanced grilling of meat on a giant wok made from an old plow disc, but instead they brought along their platform shoes and Bee Gees records.

Waut de schissjat is this yet?” wondered Mrs. Epp. “Looks like Mrs. Ens brought her bell bottoms with. And Mr. Wiebe? I’ve never seen such a brightly coloured floral pattern shirt on a man before.”

While Mrs. Epp was grilling up delicious food on the discada, her friends were getting restless.

“Where’s the mirror ball? What kind of disco is this?” wondered Mr. Wiebe. “Here I am just Stayin’ Alive and doing the Hustle and the only sound in the background is that of some delicious meat being cooked up.”

The confusion seems to have stemmed from the fact that Mrs. Epp had invited all her friends who’d recently moved to Chihuahua from Canada.

“Those Canadian Mennonites – always so eager to abandon their Mennonite principles and dance,” said Mrs. Epp. “Well, once they taste my delicious disco-cooked food, they won’t need to move their bodies because it’ll be like a dance party in their mouths!”

(photo credit: Deutsche Fotothek/CC/wikipedia)

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