Mennonites Just Realized that the Last Day of 2023 Will be ‘Eent Twee Dree Eent Twee Dree’


Mennonites across the Internet were amazed this week when it dawned on them, via various memes, that the last day of 2023 will be eent twee dree eent twee dree.

Jauma, I haven’t been this excited for New Year’s Eve since Portzelky was invented,” said Mrs. Brandt of Spanish Lookout. “I’ve been shouting eent twee dree eent twee dree all day. Of course, that’s mostly just to get my horses moving.”

Equally excited about the once-in-a-century event was Mrs. Brandt’s husband Harry.

“I’ve been ordering the kids around all day. Eeent Twee Dree! Eeent Twee Dree!” said Harry. “Dietschlaunt! We sure got a lot of chores done today!”

The day has not been celebrated by all Mennonites, however.

“The MBers are insisting it’s actually Eins Zwei Drei,” said Harry. “Whatever that means.”

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