Mennonite Man to Challenge Floyd Mayweather


A Mennonite man from rural Kansas is set to become the first ever pacifist boxer this fall in a bout against world champion fighter Floyd Mayweather. Dale Friesen, 37, says he has never boxed before, but has extensive training in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, which he learned in a weekend seminar back in ’97.

“I may not have much of a left hook, but I can deescalate a situation through verbal cues like no other,” said Friesen. “Unlike in that McGregor fight, I think Mayweather is really in for a surprise. He’s never seen these sorts of disengagement strategies in the ring before.”

During a public workout for the press, Friesen worked up a sweat as he demonstrated his remarkable ability to assess risk levels and thoughtfully consider the deep underlying issues that impact violent behaviour.

“When you’re facing a seasoned boxer like Mayweather, the first thing you need to do is properly manage your own fear and anxiety,” said Friesen. “It’s also very important to maintain a rapport with the acting-out individual and to thoroughly document and debrief after each incident.”

Friesen says his techniques may be unconventional but by no means should he be considered the underdog.

“If I can’t handle a man like Mayweather, I’m not sure what all that training was for in the first place,” said Friesen. “Besides, if all else fails, I’ll use the technique my ancestors did whenever they were in a situation like this: running away.”

The Mayweather-Friesen fight is scheduled for this November at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino. Vegas experts are giving Mayweather 10 perogies to 1 odds.

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