New Law Requires Fruitcake to Come with List of All Previous Owners


A court in the Fraser Valley has just ruled that any gifting or sale of fruitcake must come with a complete list of previous owners.

“When it comes to fruitcake,” said Judge Kroeker, “it’s really important to establish provenance. Ideally we’d like to trace back the ownership to the woman who originally made it in the 1980s.”

Fruitcake is commonly gifted but almost never consumed, which means a vintage loaf can reach high prices on the aftermarket.

“And a loaf by renowned fruitcake baker like Mrs. Koop can fetch a premium,” said Kroeker. “But first we need to know who she gave it to in 1983, and all the hands it has subsequently passed through over the decades. It’s quite the task.”

Starting next Christmas, anyone receiving an unlicensed fruitcake without all the paperwork will be forced to eat it.

(photo credit: stu_spivak/CC)

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