Muffins “Baked with Love” Still a Little Bland


Despite the fact they had obviously been baked with a lot of love, a plate full of Grandma’s bran muffins at the family gathering on Sunday were really not that impressive.

“I could taste the love, but those muffins needed a little sugar, too,” said cousin Jerry. “Sometimes love’s just not enough.”

Grandma had been included love in her recipes for decades but even her savoury dishes were lacking.

“I get it. There’s love in there,” said cousin Susan, testing out Grandma’s chicken soup. “But there’s no reason not to add a bit of star anise while you’re at it.”

Grandma’s dishes had been increasing in love for years and some are telling her to cut back.

“Just throw in some butter for once,” said cousin Timmy. “Love ain’t all I need, I’ll tell you that!”

In other news, cousin Henry showed a lot of heart on the floor hockey court last Sunday, but still lost miserably for some reason.

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