Mennonite Woman Takes Home the Super Bowl


Mrs. Esther Friesen, 82, of Newton, Kansas managed to sneak into the church kitchen this Sunday and grab the 1970s Tupperware bowl that she’d left there before the pandemic began last year.

“I’m glad I finally got to take home this vintage orange Tupperware bowl. It’s super,” said Mrs. Friesen. “All it needs is a good rinse and it’ll be ready for marshmallow-based salads in no time!”

Mrs. Friesen has owned this particularly super bowl since her wedding day in 1971, so it was very important that she got it back safe and sound.

“You leave something over at the church too long and soon Mrs. Unger is claiming it for her own,” said Mrs. Friesen. “But I know my Tupperware bowls like the back of my hand. I can recognize every scratch or slight deformity from throwing in overheated hololpchi!

Mrs. Friesen’s prized bowl has got a lot of war wounds over the years, but she’s never been more proud to take home this vessel than this cold Sunday in 2021.

“It’s been a rough year. I’ve gone through a lot of adversity to take home this super bowl. There were some who said I couldn’t do it,” said Mrs. Friesen. “But toss the custodian a few raisin buns and a rum ball or two leftover from Christmas and you can have all the unsupervised time in the church kitchen that a Mennonite woman could ever need.”

Now that she’s taking home the super Tupperware bowl, Mrs. Friesen plans to escort her entire family on a trip to Disney World or at least to visit the cousins in Goessel.

(photo credit: James_Seattle/CC)

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