Mennonite Woman Sews World’s Largest Rag Rug


Working at a feverish pace while her husband Norm watched Jets games this winter, Mrs. Edna Dueck of Blumenhof is on pace to create the world’s largest rag rug by the end of the 2018-2019 NHL season.

“Oba, every day I work at it for a couple hours adding layer after layer,” said Mrs. Dueck. “I really don’t know when I’ll stop.”

Dueck was originally thinking of just making one big enough for Norm to wipe his boots off at the door, but then decided she’d just keep going.

“I’ve got a lot of rags and a lot of time,” said Mrs. Dueck. “I think I’ll beat Mrs. Peters record!”

Mrs. Peters of Kleefeld created a hundred-foot long old fashioned four-strand rag rug back in 2007, though Mrs. Dueck is quickly approaching that record.

“Nothing can stop me now,” exclaimed Dueck! “As long as the MCC keeps churning out rags, I can keep expanding this rug!”

Mrs. Dueck has already been called the “Usain Bolt of Mennonite Rag Rugs.”

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