Squeaky Cheese Curds Heard a Mile Away


Unbeknownst to Mr. Penner, his fresh squeaky cheese curds could be heard over a mile away at the Loewen farm.

“I heard this squeaky sound and I knew instantly they must be having faspa at the church over in Kronsthal,” said farmer Loewen. “That sound is unmistakable.”

Mr. Penner consumed a full bag of fresh cheese curds and more than his share of pickles, which also could be heard at the Loewen farm.

“That Mr. Penner should learn to eat with his mouth closed,” said Mr. Loewen. “But you can’t teach an old Mennonite dog new tricks. That’s what they say, right?”

The sound of squeaky cheese on teeth sent thousands of area Mennonites stampeding over to the Kronsthal church for faspa.

“It’s like a church bell,” said Mr. Loewen. “When it beckons, we come!”

(photo credit: Kricket/CC)

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