Royal Canadian Mint Brings Back the Penny Just to Have Some Place to Put King Charles


It seems the long-forgotten penny is of some use after all. This afternoon, the Royal Canadian Mint announced they’d be bringing back the one-cent coin just so they’d have some place to put the image of King Charles III.

“What better place for the world’s most popular monarch than the ‘give a penny, take a penny’ jar at your local 7-11,” said avid coin collector Helen Goertzen. “The best thing about bringing back the penny is we still get to keep Elizabeth on the loonies and toonies and stuff.”

The new King Charles pennies will be available this month, with collectors already lining up to get their hands on a set.

“Not me. I’ll just wait for it to come into circulation,” said local man Arnold Fehr. “I’ve gotta have something to throw in the offering plate, after all.”

Mennonites, in particular, are looking forward to the new coinage.

“I’ll finally have some reason to pay close attention to my tip money,” said Winkler waitress Erin Neufeld. “With the volume of pennies I receive, I’ll be sure to snag a King Charles in no time.”

The mint is apparently also thinking of bringing back the half-penny, which they’ve already reserved for Queen Camilla Parker Bowles.

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