C & E Christian Skips E this Year


Proud C & E Christians Eleanor and Earl Lapp of Akron decided to skip E this year, thus reducing their status to C Christians.

“When we first got married we were C, E, GF, and T Christians, but it got a little hectic when the kids came around,” explained Eleanor. “Every five years or so we drop another holiday. I think we’re good where we are now.”

The Lapps have departed from a long-standing Mennonite tradition of attending church multiple times per week and instead have decided once a year is more than enough.

“Oh, gosh, the Mennonites will have you attending church for AS, A, C, E, the other E, GF, AW, P, and R,” explained Lapp. “Not to mention TKD, SF, and HS. Plus twice every normal Sunday and a mid-week Bible study to boot.”

The Lapps have decided that C Christianity is enough to meet their needs, although the elders are considering sever punishment such as an Sh or ExC if they don’t shape up.

(photo credit: Jean L/CC)

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