Mrs. Dueck Shows Up at 4 AM in Anticipation of 9 AM Garage Sale


Mrs. Dueck parked her lawn chair outside the Schellenberg residence at 4 AM this Saturday morning in anticipation of the garage sale, which, according to the signs, begins at 9.

“Gotta be first in line,” said Mrs. Dueck. “As soon as I see them setting up the tables, I’m in there like a dirty shirt.”

Over the years Mrs. Dueck has managed to accost Blumenort residents just as soon as the open the garage door in the morning This allows Mrs. Dueck to snag all the good stuff before anyone else even has a chance.

“Plus, I usually get everything at half price,” said Mrs. Dueck. “When you’re buying mason jars in bulk at 6 in the morning, they’ve gotta give you a discount.”

Dueck says showing up five hours early to a garage sale is a small price to pay for good deals on used cloth diapers and jigsaw puzzles.

“This place is better than the MCC,” said Mrs. Dueck, though she admits that half the stuff she buys will end up at the MCC by the end of the week.

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