Mennonite Woman Caught on Facebook During Church Service


Local woman, Mrs. Doris P. Sawatzky, 51, of the Rosenort area was caught posting pictures of cats on Facebook at 11:05 AM this past Sunday, which was right in the middle of Pastor Ron’s riveting sermon on the first five verses of Paul’s Epistle to Titus.

“How dare she?” declared fellow church-goer Mrs. Ethel Dick. “Posting on Facebook during the sermon, yet? Oba, how rude.”

At first Mrs. Sawatzky tried to deny the claim, but the evidence was irrefutable as the post to Facebook was clearly made during the morning service.

“I’m thinking of confiscating those mobile devices at the door,” said Pastor Ron. “That way they’ll have no choice but to listen to my sermon. Plus, I wouldn’t want them to be distracted when the offering plate is passed around.”

Mrs. Sawatzky said she was terribly sorry for the disturbance and meant no disrespect to Pastor Ron or her fellow church-goers.

“From now on, I’m sticking to Twitter,” said Sawatzky. “There aren’t nearly as many nosy Mennonites on there.”

(photo credit: Buzz Farmers/cc/modified)

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