Winnipeg Man Eager to Mow the Lawn this December


With temperatures soaring to Abbotsford levels this winter, Winnipeg man Spencer Wiens has decided it’s time to dust off the old lawnmower and take it for a spin.

“I sold my snowblower,” said Wiens. “I’m pretty sure I’ll make much more use of my lawnmower this December.”

Wiens has been applying fertilizer and weed killer for the past week.

“I’ve got the greenest lawn in all of North Kildonan,” said Wiens. “Those Friesens only wish they had lawn like this.”

Wiens is planning to decorate the yard with fake snow this Christmas.

“Just like my cousins do out in Chilliwack,” said Wiens. “This is the first time I’ve been able to experience a BC Christmas without having to travel.”

In the meantime, Wiens’s relatives on the west coast are desperately praying for a nice white Manitoba-style Christmas for once.

(Photo credit: by globallivesproject/CC)

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