Small Town Residents Gather to Gawk at Mini Cooper


The presence of out-of-town yuppies in a 2006 Mini Cooper this week sparked a spontaneous outpouring of gawking as locals lined the streets to say, “hey, would you look at that!” while the car drove down Main Street.

“What the heck kind of pick-up truck is that?” said local farmer Peter Krahn. “I ain’t but never seen one of those in all my years.”

The Winnipeg couple in the Mini Cooper claims they were just out for a Sunday drive to the country and that cars like theirs are not uncommon in the city, but Friedensfeld residents found that hard to believe.

“Nah, who would drive such an impractical vehicle?” said Krahn. “Where do you put hogs yet when you’re going to the auction?”

By the time the couple had driven half way down Main Street, little boys and their grandmas were setting up lawn chairs and spitting sunflower seeds, while a murmur of gossip could be heard throughout the community.

“I wonder what kind of gas mileage it gets?”

“Ah, who cares. It ain’t got room for me and Martha in the front seat let alone the back seat.”

“Oba, what crazy cars those city people drive yet.”

Once the couple had reached the edge of town, the residents gathered in the middle of the street and could be seen waving goodbye in the rearview mirror of the Mini Cooper. It was a moment that will go down in the history of Friedensfeld.

(Photo credit: by Janitors/CC)

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