Winkler Residents Hooked on New Video Game ‘Pac-Mannanite’


It’s taking the Pembina Valley by storm – Pac-Mannanite! The new video game, which was released as a table-top version and installed in coffee shops across the region, is so addictive that some folks have even missed church or planting season to play it.

“You basically move around a big yellow mouth called Pac-Mannanite as he chomps down on zoat and roll kuchen and fends off attacks from Lutherans,” said video game enthusiast Todd Banman. “Everyone in Winkler is playing it.”

With each level the game gets progressively faster and more difficult as Pac-Mannanite tries to avoid disaster, occasionally getting a power-up from a stick of rhubarb, which allows Pac-Mannanite to temporarily gobble up the Lutherans himself.

“It’s not so much a video game as it is profound and moving documentation of the history of our peculiar religious sect,” said Banman. “There’s really nothing else like it on the market.”

The game has done so well that developers are already thinking about creating a Mrs. Pac-Mannanite, which involves a Mennonite woman trying to chase down her husband to help out around the house for once.

(photo credit: Tim Bartel/CC)

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