The 12 Days of Mennonite Christmas

Decades ago Mennonites came under the influence of two great Presbyterian ministers, Bob and Doug McKenzie, who initiated the long-standing tradition of soberly updating the lyrics to the 12 Days of Christmas. And, thus, after much somber introspection, I give you the 12 Days of Mennonite Christmas. (Or at least the last verse. It’s pretty repetitive, you know.)

So, please join me in singing The 12 Days of Mennonite Christmas!

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me:

12 brommtoppers brommtopping

11 elders shunning

10 borschts a-simmering

9 sinners dancing

8 maids a-milking*

7 Fasts a-kjnipsing

6 Funks a-praying

5 Jell-o rings!!!!!

4 butchered birds

3 German hymns

2 ammonia cookies

and a pastor in pear tree!

*this one didn’t need to be altered. Ask any dairy farmer. The milking goes on, even on Christmas Day!

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