Mennonite Church Weekly to Feature Provocative Centrefold


In an effort to boost subscriptions, a prominent Mennonite church publication will now feature a new provocative centrefold each week.

“In coming weeks we’ve got some highly provocative photos of two Calvinists and a Catholic,” said Rudy Showalter, editor-in-chief of Saturday Evening Post-Meddachschlop. “We’ve also got a really provocative photo of young seminary student who believes in eternal security! Talk about racy!”

The publication plans to really stir things up with photos of a young woman who believes in Just War Theory and an elderly man who’s claims to be an Old Earth Creationist.

“These centrefolds are really going to draw a lot of attention,” said Showalter. “But we hope that people will read the bios and not just look at the pictures of various people in church pews and/or reading theological treatises.”

Showalter has already arranged a photoshoot with an trio of young folks who believe in gender equity in the church, which he believes will be the most provocative photo ever published in a Mennonite publication.

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