In Solidarity with Lisa LaFlamme, Restaurant to Put One Grey Hair in Every Bowl of Chili


In an act of incredible bravery and profound solidarity with recently ousted CTV anchor Lisa LaFlamme, one local restaurant will be replacing the occasional brown or blonde hair in their famous bowls of chili with a grey one.

“We want to show that this is more than a superficial gesture,” said restaurant owner Phil Peterson. “This is why I am personally offering to pluck one grey hair from my head and place it in each of our delicious bowls of chili.”

Peterson says he’s not at all interested in capitalizing on a trend or making money on the back of an unfortunate incident, but instead really truly believes in the historic importance of this new grey hair-infused chili.

“All the money raised from these bowls of chili will go directly to support, umm, various causes,” said Peterson. “Plus we’re committed to combating ageism by hiring servers in their 20s or even early 30s from now on.”

The plan still has to be passed by the health inspector, but Peterson says that will be no problem as their chili was mostly made of sawdust and hair to begin with.

(photo credit: stu_spivack/CC)

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