Mennonite Man Creates ’50 Shades of Grey’-Inspired Pleasure Room


This past winter, Mr. Schneider of Waterloo, Ontario has been working day and night on his “pleasure room,” an area of the church basement that he hopes will bring hours of satisfaction to Mennonite couples across the region.

“I don’t normally read such books, but I stumbled upon Martha’s well-worn copy of ’50 Shades of Grey’ and got inspired,” said Schneider. “The room features red velvet walls and your choice of three different crokinole boards! Welcome to my pleasure room. What colour knipsers do you want?”

The “Mennonite pleasure room” includes a pantry full of peppernuts and a library of inspirational classics such as The Upside Down Kingdom, Martyr’s Mirror and the entire Chronicles of Narnia.

“There’s also a closet full of suspenders, which you’re free to use however you choose,” said Schneider. “I can’t believe the church let me get away with this. I guess it was because I told them I was expanding the kitchen.”

Interested couples can rent out the “Mennonite pleasure room” for a nominal donation of just $69 a night and a promise to appear in church on Sunday.

(photo credit: Michael D. Beckwith and Alessio Sbarbaro/CC/modified)

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