Mennonite Homeschoolers Add Crokinole to their Core Curriculum


Homeschool parents Edna and Harold Klassen of Swift Current are committed to providing their children with the highest level of education possible. Recently, the Klassens decided to cut back on math and add three hours per day of intense crokinole instruction.

“We’ve got to get these children started on knipsing while they’re still young,” said Edna. “Studies show that just three to four hours of knipsing a day can do wonders for your child’s self-confidence and performance on International Crokinole Standards testing.”

In addition to knipsbrat, the Klassens have revamped the curriculum to include other essential Mennonite skills like knacking zoat, telling Plautdietsch jokes, and not squirming in church.

“After a full morning of crokinole, we have a quick lunch and then spend a couple hours practicing sitting still in church,” said Edna. “Brendan has trouble still, but little Bethany’s getting pretty good at it.”

Even though the homeschoolers have eliminated math completely from the curriculum, they still scored 80% higher than the provincial average for public school students.

(photo credit: Erin Siemens. Thanks, Erin!)

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