Mennonite Man Brings His Own Rogers To Be Covid Compliant


In an effort to make sure he was compliant with all the government health advice, Mr. Letkeman, 52, of Waldheim brought his very own bottle of Rogers Golden Syrup for the annual Letkeman roll kuchen picnic this past Sunday.

“I didn’t want someone saying I had to eat my roll kuchen dry,” said Letkeman. “A Mennonite man always has to be prepared. Especially these days!”

When he arrived at Sam Wendland Park, he saw he was the only one who’d brought along his own Rogers.

“The rest of these people have to use hand sanitizer every time they slather up their roll kuchen,” said Letkeman. “But not Norm Letkeman! That’s for sure! I was thinking ahead!”

Letkeman also briefly considered bringing his own roll kuchen, but figured Grandma’s was unbeatable and it just wouldn’t be the same.

“I did bring my own watermelon, though,” said Letkeman. “It’s a good thing, too. You should see how much watermelon those Letkeman cousins consume!”

In other news, the Province of Saskatchewan recently announced that all residents would be required to rub their hands in Rogers every time they enter a public building.

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