Mennonite Hunter Bags Huge Sausage


Avid hunter, Mr. Timothy Krahn, 36, of Kleefeld, managed to bag an enormous 800-pound farmer sausage in the Whiteshell this weekend. At 340 5/8 points, the farmer sausage is the highest-scoring sausage ever taken.

“I’m super excited that I set the record. It really gives me bragging rights with my buddies. I don’t want to be mean, but Abe and Peter got really tiny sausages this year and Corny’s been shut out completely,” explained Krahn. “My family and I will be dining like kings on formavorscht this winter.”

Krahn had been stalking the sausage for almost two full days before he was able to get in close enough to take a shot.

“Bagging this sausage was a lot of persistence and a little luck,” said Krahn. “I’m just glad the hide is still in pretty good shape. I think I’ll get this sausage mounted.”

Despite the record-setting kill, Krahn has not yet reached the Manitoba bag limit for farmer sausage.

“I’m going out again this weekend,” said Krahn, “If I don’t get another formavorscht, I’m hoping to get at least a liverwurst or Christmas ham.”

Krahn’s wife Margaret wishes her husband would stay at home some weekends, but is okay with his hunting hobby as long as he brings home the formavorscht…and shows up to church once in a while.

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