Generous Mennonite Couple Sends Used Tea Bags to Missionaries


Local couple Peter and Sally Wiebe have amassed a collection of more than 20,000 used tea bags that they plan to send to needy missionaries around the world this holiday season. The couple has been collecting the tea bags at local restaurants and church faspas for the past five years.

“We’ve got Earl Grey, Camomile, Peppermint and every Sleepy Time tea bag I’ve used over the last half decade,” said Mrs. Wiebe. “This is in addition to more than two-thousand bags of Orange Pekoe generously donated by the women’s quilting club.”

The Wiebes won’t just donate any old used tea bag, however. In order to qualify as “missionary grade” the used tea bags have to go through rigorous testing in the Wiebe’s northern Alberta kitchen.

“We’re quite particular. Most of these tea bags have only been used once or twice,” said Mrs. Wiebe. “I mean just think of all refreshment the missionaries will be able to get out of Mr. Klassen’s gently used Red Rose bag.”

The Wiebes have hand-selected more than a hundred of the most deserving missionary couples around the world, with a particular focus on those serving in remote jungle areas that might not have access to used tea bags.

“We’re big supporters of church missions,” said Mr. Wiebe. “I know the missionaries say that all they want is our prayers, but I figure they could use a few second-hand tea bags every now and then.”

The Wiebes have already recruited members of the church Young People’s group to lick stamps and seal envelopes this Friday during youth fun night.

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