Mennonite Game Goes into Overtime


After four quarters of intense competition, the Mennonite Game at the Blumenort Church lobby went into overtime this past Sunday. The extended play seemed to be spurred on by the presence of out-of-towners the Kehlers.

“Who’s your father?” said Mr. Wiebe to Mrs. Kehler. “What was your maiden name? Got any Kornelsen in you? You look like the Kornelsens from over by Chortitz somewheres.”

The Kehlers were inundated with such questions until it was determined sometime after 1 pm that these Kehlers were Yantsied Kehlers anyway.

“Oba, I can’t believe I wasted all this time playing the Mennonite Game with a Yantsieder,” said Mr. Wiebe. “There’s no way you can win. They don’t even play by the same rules.”

By that time it was well after 1 and Chicken Chef in Steinbach was bound to be packed.

“I guess we’ll starve today,” said Mr. Wiebe. “That’s what happens with the game goes into O.T.”

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