Mennonite Man Kicked Out of Church for Calling Pastor a ‘Wacko’


Area man Peter Poetker, 43, was peacefully removed from the sanctuary this weekend after referring to Pastor Dave as a “total wacko” during a sermon on the Book of Revelation.

“Once he got to his verse-by-verse exposition of chapter 3, I had had enough,” said Poetker. “That man’s theology is way off. He’s not fit to run this congregation.”

Rumour has it that Poetker himself is seeking to take-over the church, that is if they’ll let him back in the building.

“He can disagree with the pastor all he wants,” said elder Siemens. “But we still need some level of decorum while the offering plate is being passed around.”

Pastor Dave says he doesn’t appreciate being called a wacko, but says he knows that comes with the job.

“I’ve been called worse,” said Pastor Dave. “You should hear the kind of names my Susie calls me every Sunday after church.”

After a brief elder board meeting, Mr. Poetker was allowed back into the buiding after it was revealed that Pastor Dave really didn’t know what he was talking about when it came to the Book of Revelation and he, indeed, was kind of a wacko after all.

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