Mennonite Couple Can’t Decide Between Seeing ‘Barbie’ … or ‘Sound of Freedom’ for the Tenth Time


Forget Oppenheimer, the real choice facing southern Manitobans these days is whether to dress in pink and go to the fun summer movie they actually want to see or to go yet again to film they feel a sense of moral and spiritual duty to support.

“We don’t normally go to movie theatres, but the church gave us special freedoms this summer to go see Sound of Freedom,” said Mr. Kroeker. “Well, I mean, it was actively encouraged from the pulpit. But Mary and I have seen it 9 times already and …”

The Kroekers stood in front of the marquee for a good hour or two before they realized they’d miss their chance to see Barbie if they didn’t make up their mind and quick.

“It was either go see the film that’s being marketed to us as the one that Hollywood wants us to see, or go see the one that’s being marketed to us at the one that Hollywood doesn’t want us to see,” said Kroeker. “Either way, we’re upsetting somebody.”

Luckily for the Kroekers, the cinema in Steinbach only plays one movie at a time.

“It’s quite an unusual pairing, I must say,” said Kroeker. “Strangest back-to-back features at the local theatre since Magic Mike played right before Women Talking.”

The Kroekers plan to go see Barbie this evening and have already cleared their schedules to see Sound of Freedom every day next week.

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