Mennonite Child Opens Lunch Box to Find a Lard Sandwich Yet Again Today


Little Earl Petkau could hardly wait to open up his Patridge Family lunch box and search around to see what his mom had packed him. Unfortunately, Earl’s hopes were quickly dashed as mom had packed yet another lard sandwich.

“Oba, nay!” exclaimed little Earl. “Lard again, Mom! Come on!”

Mrs. Petkau has made a habit of packing lard sandwiches whenever Dad neglects to head over to the stores a pick up the eggs necessary to make egg salad sandwiches. For little Earl, this happens all too often.

“I think she keeps the lard in the fridge just for emergencies like this,” said little Earl. “I guess I’ll see if I can dupe one of the Friesen girls into trading.”

The Friesen girls, however, were well aware of Earl’s lard-trading tactics and refused to budge.

“Forget it, Earl!” said young Candace. “You can keep your lard!”

There is a silver-lining for little Earl, however, as Mom filled his thermos with 2% milk this time rather than the usual Wonder Oil.

(photo credit: Kevin Burkett/CC)

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