Mennonite Pastor Insists Sermon Isn’t Actually About You


After an impassioned sermon that covered a variety of topics from greed and vanity to lust and immodesty, Pastor Yoder was met with numerous angry parishioners in the lobby this week who thought he was preaching about them.

“How dare he preach on all the secret sins I’m struggling with!” exclaimed church-goer Dan. “He should stick to Tim or Martha’s issues. Now that’s a couple with real problems!”

Pastor Yoder insists he hadn’t been singling anyone out, but just was preaching what the Lord had laid on his heart.

“You’re so vain,” said Pastor Yoder. “You probably think this sermon is about you? Don’t you? Don’t you?”

Dan said he was planning on looking for another church if Pastor Yoder kept on preaching about him.

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