Mennonites Looking Forward to Those New Smoked Cheese Curds


It made headlines across the Mennonite world – fire at Bothwell Cheese! Thankfully the headline in The Carillon declared “Cheese Supply safe!” which had Mennonites breathing a sigh of relief … and had some folks curious about some new culinary possibilities.

“I really like a good smoked Gouda,” said local cheese enthusiast and faspa organizer Diana Wiens. “I’m thinking we could even do with some smoked curds, amirite?”

The thought of bringing smoked cheese curds to the table, had churches scrambling to plan extra faspas.

“I’m not sure how the smoke will impact the squeak,” said Wiens, “but I’m willing to give it a try!”

The EMBMBGC church will be hosting an all-smoked faspa this Sunday, which, in addition to the curds, will also feature Dave’s extra-smokey sausage and a lovely smoked pickerel or two.

“We’re also thinking of getting some smoked knackzoat,” said Wiens. “My husband Ted tells me basically anything can be smoked.”

The new smoked cheese curds will go on sale this Sunday in the EMBMBGC church lobby, with all proceeds going towards the new gymnasium fund.

(photo credit: Kricket/CC)

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